Professional Management

Many WordPress websites are comprised of multiple plugins to perform many different functionalities. And technology on the internet continues to advance even if your website does not. Security and Optimization are high priority concerns, and that’s where our focus is.


As website operations get more complex the structure behind them needs to be able to keep up with the processing. We host our client systems on secured and managed Linode private servers so we can easily scale them up as necessary. If you are hosted elsewhere and don't want to shift, we can still usually manage your system but there are less elements we can control.


An unfortunate reality is that there are many vulnerability / exploit seekers on the web. Maintaining updated versions of software is a key element to keeping yourself protected. We create a replicated staging site to test new versions against so you aren't updating in the blind where a conflict might arise.


Optimization is something you always want to be on the lookout for. Can we benefit from caching? Can we eliminate these 3 plugins in favor of 1? Is there a more efficient way to accomplish this task? We try to look at what you're currently doing and see where we can find improvement.

What We Do


A staging site is created where we take a regular snapshot of your system onto a separate remote environment to perform update tests to ensure stability before pushing updates to your production environment.


We maintain monitoring over your site to make sure we can track downtime that happens as well as when security or system updates are necessary. Keeping your structure current is a sure-fire prevention measure against security threats.


We retain remote back-ups of your installation so we have a secured and updated version saved to restore from in the case of emergencies. These backups are also made available to you so that you maintain a copy as well.


Using secured, cloud-based VPS hosting operations you get dedicated resources serving your website. The servers are maintained with updated security software in addition to the latest caching and dynamic speed applications.


With priority support we help assist you with various system needs. Questions about a possible plugin you want to use? Feel free to ask us about operation decisions you have or want to make about your system.


We offer full-service system maintenance and monitoring as well as basic security maintenance plans. Depending on your needs you can scale up or down.

What's been said about us...

"Fantastic! It's always wonderful when you have one less thing to worry about."

Phillip Buck
Founder & CEO

"We work with a lot of clients on the marketing side of things and websites are a big part of a company image. We can't maintain all of them, so this has been a great resource for us."


"Your attention to detail has always impressed me. You gave consideration to certain things I never bothered to even think of."

Ron Helton

"The longer you run your website the easier it is to think you know things that you really don't. After trying to deal with our site getting hacked, I knew we needed to shift gears."

David Richardson
Technology Officer


It's still your website and you maintain full control over it. If you add new plugins or change settings, we try to adapt to those changes. We offer advice and recommendations because our goal is to keep your site running and secure, but ultimately it remains your system.

Every website is different so its not possible for us to create a generic price. We have to review your current system to see what level of complexity is involved. Also some clients choose to remain or have to remain with their existing hosting platforms so we only maintain the staging platform and manage updates.

Our most basic level of management usually falls in the $200/mo range.

We can / have done custom development for managed client systems. It isn't our focus, but sometimes in an effort to optimize we'll make suggestions where we can reduce the total number of plugins by integrating those features into more specific functions for your website.

We help facilitate transitioning to (or from) our environment. We try to provide clear instructions for the necessary steps you need to take to enable us to setup all the utilities / services we are going to provide.