Small Business Website Experts

Small Business Website Experts

Affordable website management for small and local businesses

What we do

We transform your business website into a space for modern engagement

Mobile interaction is taking over the way users view, access, and engage with businesses and we structure your website with that in mind.

You don’t have to be selling through your website for it to add value to your business. Let us help you get the most out of your online presence.

What we offer

We aim to enhance your website experience for your customers

You’re already running a small business, don’t let your website suffer because you don’t have the expertise or the time.

We manage the security of your website, the hosting, and add engagement opportunities there.

Lets work together to make your “small business” website a “big deal” for your customers.

* This pricing is for business informational websites, eCommerce or advanced applications are priced individually, based on their complexity.


How it works

We gather information about your business and modernize it for your online presence

A lot of businesses make the mistake of assuming “having a website” is good enough. Online data statistics show that having a “bad website” is actually not good for business.

The benefit we offer is, you’re adding our web experts to your team, we directly handle every project manually. We get to provide the attention to detail and care that can’t be afforded to many automated online services.

We don't do

Promises of grandeur or exciting gestures filled with hype

Nobody can guarantee you more sales or traffic, if it were possible, they’d sell to large corporations those guarantees for their deep pockets. We can optimize things according to modern expectations and remove negative barriers to entry. We can help put your best foot forward.

A Little Something Extra

We don’t claim to be marketing gurus, but we have enough experience to know how to leverage some useful technology to enhance your customer engagement at the local level.

eCommerce & QR Codes for Local Business

You can let your customers pre-order items through your website and redeem them at your location with QR codes to help you track your transactions.

Newsletters & Mail Marketing

There is a lot of worthless spam in the email sphere, but people do like to receive information they’re interested in. Shout out special offers or events to your customer-base with mail marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What support do I get?

Direct support, you contact us about questions, ideas or other potential changes that you have for your system and we communicate with you on the matter. You don’t have to wait 24 – 72 hours for a generic response.

Can I make my own changes?

Absolutely, it is your business, we’re just helping you out where you feel that is best applied. If you want more direct control of your content, we’ll give you some guidance on that and away you go.

Can I cancel?

After the initial 1 year service agreement, if you want to move to some other service, or handle things on your own, let us know. We’ll provide a back-up of your system and wish you well.

Do you work with others?

We handle everything related to the system ourselves, but if you have another company handling your marketing or something else, we’re glad to help coordinate so we’re all working on the same page.